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Singular: That is extraordinary or exceptionally good.

"She was a woman singular in her intelligence and cultivated sensibility".

synonyms: unique


"Singular Corsetería Única" was born out of a dream. The dream of creating a place where every woman feels unique, extraordinary and exceptionally good.

That is what we women are, unique, each one of us different, and above all, each and every one of us perfect.

Singular wants to show the world that the most beautiful thing we have is inside and that, regardless of the size we wear, we must bring this beauty out. Starting with our underwear, the first clothes we put on every morning and the ones that really define us.

If you are a unique/bold woman, you will show it with your underwear, if you are a unique/crazy woman, too, and best of all, if you are a unique/shy woman, you will be able to let loose for you and only you through your underwear.

We created SINGULAR for you, so you can express yourself through your underwear.

Signed: A Singular girl, eager to reach the heart of every unique woman.


Love yourself a lot!!!

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