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At Singular we distinguish ourselves by dressing the interior of any woman, no matter what size she is. Because the important thing is how we feel and how we like to dress, without having to think about the size of the bra or the size of the pants that we wear.

We are the national reference e-commerce in underwear, corsetry and swimwear for all sizes. The largest variety of bras, girdles and swimwear on the market is here, so
look no further! Whatever size you have, at Singular you will find the perfect undergarment for you. We have the most internationally recognized lingerie, corsetry and swimwear brands.

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| SINGULAR | Online Underwear Store for All Sizes |

At Singular we want to open our soul and show in this online underwear store that all women are unique and perfect.

With the largest selection of bras for large breast sizes and bras for small breast sizes on the market, at Singular we will enjoy helping you, advising you and showing you that, with any undergarment, it is a bra, a reducing bra, a capacity bra , a plus size bra, a small size bra, a push up bra, panties, a girdle or a complete set of underwear, you will feel precious and unique, very special.

At Singular we distinguish ourselves by dressing the interior of any woman, whatever size she is. Because the important thing is how we feel and how we like to dress, without having to think about the bra size or trouser size we wear. Isn't that a good idea?

We work daily to find the brands of reducing bras, plus size bras, capacity bras, push up bras, that can best make you feel unique, wearing beautiful underwear for any breast size.

Among our brands of underwear for plus sizes and for women with a lot of breasts, you will find some such as: Primadonna, Primadonna Twist, Primadonna Swim, Rosa Faia Beautiful, Anita, Sans Complexe, Curvy Kate, Promise, Creaciones Selene, Ivette Bridal, Ysabel Mora , Janira, Pour Moi, Infiore, Wonderbra, Selmark ... and many more.

Brands of Corsetry and Lingerie specialized in large breast sizes, brands of bra specialized in designing beautiful sets of underwear for large breast sizes or for special breast cups. We never stop finding the best lingerie for women with all types of breasts.

We are a Team 100% made up of women of all kinds, who perfectly know the need of today's woman, the modern and youthful woman that we all have inside and out :)

We hope that on our website you can find the perfect bra for you, the perfect panties for you, the perfect reducing girdle for you, or the perfect bridal lingerie set for you too :)

Because at Singular Corseteria we are in all phases of your life. You will find bras for everyday, even for breastfeeding, to sleep or for your wedding day. Whatever bra you need, we are here to help you.

What do you say? Are you signing up to be part of our #IAMSINGULAR world?

| Bras for All - Plus Size Bras & Small Size Bras |

Wearing the perfect bra is a challenge that many of us find it difficult to achieve. Having a large chest size makes it difficult for us to find the ideal bra. That is why Singular was born. Because of the woman's own need. If you want to feel beautiful and unique, whatever your chest size you have.

- Bras for all sizes -

At Singular, Corsetería Única, our fundamental task and our number one goal is to get the perfect bra for any woman, whatever size she is. That's why we have bras for all sizes.

Reducing bras, plus size bras, push up bras, nursing bras, sports bras, sleep bras, backless bras, prosthetic bras ... Whatever bra you need and above all, your personal taste, in Singular always we will have the perfect bra for you.

- Special Cup Bras -

When a woman calls us and says, "I have a very large chest size, I don't know if you have something for me", we can only smile because she has finally found the perfect place for her. At Singular Corsetería we have bras with large cups, bras for women with very little contour and a lot of breasts, bras for girls with a lot of contour and little breasts and, of course, bras for girls with a lot of contour and a lot of bust.

You can find A cup bras, B cup bras, C cup bras, D cup bras, E cup bras, F cup bras, G cup bras ... even K cup bras!

If you want to search for bras based on your cup, you just have to enter our bras section and click on the "Filter" button for your bra cup. In this way, you will only get the bras with your cup and you can start your search for the perfect bra safely and only with bras fully adapted to your breast size.

- Plus Size Bras -

Plus size bras are our specialty. At Singular, Corsetería Única we have been advising for years the perfect plus size bra for every woman. Because all women are different and unique, each of us needs our perfect plus size bra.

In Singular you can find basic breasts large size bras, more classic plus size bras, plus size bras with lace, romantic ... and even super sexy plus size bras!

Because in Singular Corsetry we are clear about our goal: that any woman, regardless of her chest size, can wear a beautiful bra, a beautiful bra, that she loves and makes her feel unique :)

You can find bras in large sizes up to the K cup.

- Reducing bras -

The reducing bras are the quintessential bras of Singular, Corsetería Única. A good reducing bra is capable of raising our self-esteem, a good reducing bra is capable of making us more sure of ourselves. And we have this proven thanks to your real opinions.

Thanks to reducing bras you will clean your figure and stylize it, feeling more feminine and confident. That's why we love reducing bras so much at Singular.

You will be able to find basic reducing bras, for day to day, non-wired reducing bras, to be super comfortable without giving up the support and precious reducing bras with very beautiful lace and prints.

What sets us apart is our wide variety of brands. Because you are looking for the reducing bra you are looking for, you will surely find it in Singular.

- Wide variety of Bra brands -

At Singular we know how important it is for each of us to feel good about the bra we are wearing. That's why we do our best to stock a wide variety of bra brands. So that we all have the opportunity to find the ideal bra and why not, let's also find that ideal bra brand that we like so much!

Singular bra brands: Primadonna, Primadonna Twist, Anita Spain, Rosa Faia Beautiful, Dorina Lingerie, Curvy Kate, Pour Moi, Selene Creations, DIM Underwear, Promise, Gisela, Gisela Suites, Wonderbra, Selmark, leonisa, Playtex, Triumph , and many more.

Also, if you are attentive, you will always see news in our brands of bras. Because we do not stop looking for brands of bras for large sizes, of bras for special sizes and brands of bras for special cups that will make you feel unique!

- We help you find the Perfect Bra for you -

In addition, if you have doubts with a specific bra model, you have never felt comfortable with the bra that you usually wear every day, or you feel that you need to change the style or type of bra cut because you are not comfortable, in Singular we will always be delighted to give you the help you need. You just have to contact us, through email ( or through our WhatsApp (674136180)

- Bra Size Calculator -

Also, if you prefer, you can make use of our bra size calculator, specially designed for you. Enter the "Bra Size Calculator" and just by putting two measurements: underbust contour and nipple height, we will show you your perfect bra size and what is even better, all the bras we have in your size and in! your cup!

Additionally, the bra size calculator will show you your two perfect bra size matches, based on your main size. Thus, if you like to go more fastened, you can choose one bra size and, if instead, you like to go something looser, you can choose the other bra size.

Keep in mind that this Bra Size Calculator has been exclusively designed by Singular Corsetería based on our years of experience, advising thousands of women with large breast sizes and thousands of women with small breast sizes :)

Finding out the perfect bra size for you is now much easier with our bra size calculator :)

| Shapewear for all |

Either because you want to reduce kilograms or because you want to shape your figure to show off that great scandal dress that you have fallen in love with, at Singular we always have the perfect reducing girdle or shaping girdle for you.

You can find reducing girdles, shaping girdles, trouser-cut girdles ideal for reducing cartridge belts, body-type girdles to be held from the chest to the waist, panty-cut girdles ... Whatever the girdle you need, we have it for sure at Singular!

You will find girdles of all sizes, from size 34-36, ideal girdles to shape the figure with those dresses that are so tight, such as girdles for a 50-52 and 54-56 pants, ideal for reducing and shaping the figure to the full.

You just have to enter our Girdle category and choose according to the type of reduction you want and / or according to the type of cut you want. In addition, you will find girdles with a basic and plain design, but you will also find beautiful girdles for the wedding day, girdles with very beautiful lace designs, and even girdles with a plumeti design to never lose the glamor!

Among all our variety of girdles, reducing girdles and shaping girdles, you will find big brands of lingerie and big brands of corsetry such as: Janira Secrets, Dorina Lingerie, Primadonna, Primadonna Twist, Selmark, Leonisa, Ysabel Mora, and many more!

And, why buy at Singular, Corsetería Única?

Because at Singular we are sure that whatever you need, we can offer you a solution that suits your needs. At Singular we are a team of women with their virtues and their perfect flaws that manage to make us "unique" and only for this reason, we can ensure 100% that we understand the needs of each one of you.

We will always help you find the perfect bra for you, the bra size that fully adapts to your chest, or the ideal reducing girdle that suits that dress that you love and want to look like a Hollywood star! !

We would love to talk to you and meet you. Enter the Contact section of our online underwear store and do it! We are waiting!

You can also write to us through our social networks Facebook or Instagram -> @singularcorseteria

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